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Budapest has a temperate continental climate. The hottest months are July and August- in which temperatures can reach the high 30’s. The coldest months are December, January, and February- the temperature is regularly below freezing.


Time zone:

West/Central European time zone: GMT+1 hour. (GMT+2 between the last Sunday of March and the Saturday before the last Sunday of October.)


Hungarian national holidays are the 15th of March, 1st of May , 20st of August, 23rd of October and 1st of November. Christmas, New Year and Easter are also holidays.



Hungarian coins are of the value  200, 100, 50, 20,10 and 5 forint and the bank notes are worth 500, 1000, 2000, 5000,10 000, and 20 000 forint.
Exchanging currency is only  legal at  official exchange points.  Changing money on the streets is illegal in Hungary. Some of the banks and tourist offices have their own   currency rates, based on the exchange rate of Central Bank. To put out these exchange rates is obligatory. It is advised to keep the receipt of any money exchanged till you cross the country’s border.


The most popular credit cards in use are :

  • Amex
  • Diners Club,
  • Cirrus,
  • EnRoute
  • Euro/ MasterCard,
  • Visa


These cards can be use at ATM machines (all over the city),  as well as in  banks, hotels, restaurants and most shops. At the entrance to these  establishments, signs can be found as to which cards are accepted.

In Hungary the electronic voltage is 230, the plugs being  European standard.




Public phones work with 20, 50 and 100 HUF coins or with telephone cards. It’s possible to buy these at kiosks, post offices, petrol/gas stations and from newspaper sellers.

On public holidays and in the night time phones function at a cheaper rate.

Mobile phones numbers start with 06 + 30, 20 or 70.



Useful telephone numbers:

* Ambulance:104
* Police:107
* Fire departement:105
* National information bureau :198
* Special information bureau:197
* Car rescue:188
* The right time:180
* Emergency number:112
* Tourist Police:438-8080
* Non stop dentist in English language (Flack SOS Hungary):06-1-2000-100
* Ferihegy Airport Budapest (information of aircrafts): 06-1-296-7155
* Information for lost luggage, Terminal 2A: 06-1-296-8108, 06-1-296-7217
* Information for lost luggage, Terminal 2B: 06-1-296-7690, 06-1-295-348
* Ferihegy Terminal 2A - arrivals: 06-1-296-8000
* Ferihegy Terminal 2A -departures: 06-1-296-7000
* Ferihegy Terminal 2B - arrivals: 06-1-296-5052
* Ferihegy Terminal 2B - departures: 06-1-296-5883
* National information bureau of MÁV (Hungarian Railways): MÁVDIREKT 06-1-371-      9449
* Central emergency number: 102
* Lost and found items (object has been lost and found on the public transportation): 36-1-322-66-13
* Hungarian phone book in English language: 191
* International phone book.199