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Taxis go with yellow registration numbers and taxi signs. All taxis must use cab meters and give a receipt as well. The price includes the cost of waiting, cost of kilometers and the basic tariff. A normal tip is 10 percent. The major taxi companies   work with a lower tariff then the smaller ones, and phoning for a taxi is cheaper than hailing one on the street. Some of the major companies are listed below.


Budataxi:             +36-1/233-3333
Budapest Taxi:     +36-1/433-3333
Citytaxi:               +36-1/211-1111
Főtaxi:                 +36-1/222-2222
Taxi 2000:           +36-1/200-0000
Tele 5 Taxi:         +36-1/355-5555
Rádiótaxi:            +36-1/377-7777
6x6 Taxi:             +36-1/266-6666
Minimobil:            +36-1/333-2222